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Where Size & Color Does Matter

Extremely Large Central American Scarlet Macaw Baby Mentorship Program Available

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  We utilized the absolute largest specimen breeding stock available. These Central American Scarlet's (Ara macao cyanoptera) are the largest ever seen by most breeders and have vivid colors with the large yellow four feather wide wing banding. The Proof is in the size.

  Note: We have noticed that several breeders are jumping on the band wagon and using the term "Central American Scarlet Macaws" as a selling tool. Much like the term "Bolivian" for the Blue & Gold's and in most cases they are not correct.

 Majority of Scarlet's in the USA are the (Ara macao macao) and one way you tell is to look at the wings, a green band (feathers) separating the yellow from the blue tip is a (Ara macao macao). Also the (Ara macao macao) is much smaller bird.

  In Central American Scarlet Macaws (Ara macao cyanoptera) The wing length and overall size is noticeably greater than that of Ara macao. Also the Central American Scarlet's have a yellow wing band that is up to four feathers wide and also sometimes buffed by blue tips where the yellow and blue come together, but only a slight amount of the tip of the yellow feather is covered by this blue color. The red color appears to be much brighter.In our birds the yellow feathers are mostly solid colored with tail feathers up to 36 inches long.
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Scarlet Macaws For Sale
Scarlet Macaw Buddy
 Perry's Senior Photo
 Holding his Best Friend "Buddy"
Perry & Buddy
When we produce babies, our dreams and number one goal is to provide the best homes for the babies. Homes that will give the birds unconditional love, affection, proper nutrition and enhance their lives.
We were so fortunate and blessed to have Perry come into Buddy's life. And we know Buddy feels the same.

This is an inseperarable team !

Everywhere Perry goes Buddy is 
always at his side.

Thanks Perry, for your awesome commitment and friendship to "Buddy" the Central American Scarlet Macaw.

Scarlet Macaw Buddy at Causeway
Please note; due to the many Internet scams and to promote safety, we prefer to talk to you via phone so that we can know where our babies will be placed and to develop a relationship with you. First step is to fill out form, "second step is to call us." 

In most cases we will not respond to emails unless we have talked via phone prior to email. We will not answer one-line emails.

Feel free to let us know in the comments form above the best time to reach you and please leave detailed questions. 

For immediate response call.
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Central American Scarlet Macaw
Scarlet Macaw for sale
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Note: All of the Adult Scarlet's featured are wearing the Aviator Flight Harnesses. 

Now your companion has freedom to exercise, fly and explore any area without escaping.

 Can a parrot, designed by nature for millions of years, be truly mentally and physically healthy without flight? The Parrot University has spent 20 years researching what makes a parrot a parrot. We have found the number one characteristic that defines "a parrot" is its ability to fly. Flight is fundamental to every component of a parrot's mind and body.

Learning to fly well is the most complicated and important task a parrot can learn. Your pet will be healthier, more active, more coordinated, and increase its' visual acuity. Flying helps with language development, higher intelligence, self-confidence, self-esteem and ultimately makes a very social companion.
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